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Default Re: the "how" thread

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Not only do I tap my teeth, I play snare rudiments with them. Probably not very good for them.

I have a pretty mean 5 stroke single by the way.
I do the exact same thing! Snare rudiments.. funny, isn't it?

I'm always tapping my feet to whatever's playing.. playing 'hand' parts with my feet has improve my double bass a lot!


I started drums by accident.. wanted to play sax at school but got roped into drums. needless to say i was hooked on drums, and early on my inspriation came from blink and limp bizkit, but i was never really into that much......


drummers who have really inspired me these days would be the guy from muse (as well as a lot of good, solid drummers in bands i like) ... but most of all JON THEODORE from the mars volta.. his music is on another level for me - its exactly want i want to be, im sure everyone has there own band/drummer that does it for them..


to be honest, my first teacher was just one of those schol music multi-purpose teachers and wasnt that influencial.. ive been 'teaching' myself for a year or so, so yeah ME!


basically anything from most pop/mainstream rock bands i can handle, but im trying to get into prog rock ie mars volta and want to try bluesy n latin stuff.. its just a matter of time really!


as said, JON THEODORE / MARS VOLTA just love their style.. at the moment though, im really liking the whole technical side of drumming and would love/ aiming to become a lot more involved in it.. like really become a student and go for it all

main inspiration though is just screwing around with mates and playing covers / trying to impress chicks!

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