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Default Re: Sabian Hand Hammered logo's

Originally Posted by Sjogras View Post
Borrowing the thread for a quick question, are all the HH cymbals hand hammered? As far as I know, the HHX line isn't hand hammered, so HHX doesn't stand for Hand Hammered X, but HH stands for Hand Hammered?
Depends on your definition of "Hand Hammered." From what I understand they are pressed into shape then are either human guided machine hammered or some of the HH and Vault cymbals are hand hammered after that.

So anyway I guess the main reason for not putting Hand Hammered anymore is that a bunch of line isn't.

Also I think all of Zildjian's cymbals are now machine hammered. If I remember correctly they have specific computer controlled patterns for some lines and others they just use a random computer patterns for others.

I do have to say the benefit to not having everything hand hammered is that the end product ends up a lot more consistent. However you usually don't end up with that "wow" cymbal either.
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