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Default speed cobra and bass drum setup, adjustement for best results?

Hi everyone

Here is the deal...I know everybody like different feel and different settings... I bought my first drum set and pedal maybe a month ago and I'm not very happy with the feel and response I'm getting. My pedal and bass drum are in a corner and hard to access so I'll continue doing some tests and tweaks but I'd like to know what work for you guys. I'm looking for a setup that would be optimal for death metal songs with lots of long double bass periods.

So currently

Tama silverstar 20 x 18 bass drum with original heads, batter side is rather loose and resonant side is a bit looser

On the speed cobra:
Spring tension is pretty hight

Cobra coil is about in the middle position

my beaters about at 2 o'clock and I have about 1 cm space between the end of the beater and the pedal (with a small bass drum should i leave more to hit more the middle of the drum...)

My seat, I'm a relativelly high with an angle for my that more than 90 degree. I tend to play heel up and have my ankles and toes do the job. My toes touches ruffly the middle of the board.

...Again, I'll keep toying with everything but any pointers or were to start will help. I haven't found anything super efficient / confortable yet :/
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