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Default Re: Hannah Ford and Prince

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Holy smokes indeed! You can take things apart all you like, but deny this is a good rock performance, & you're missing the point big time!

Originally Posted by jornthedrummer View Post
she wouldn't get the gig if she played the same, but was a man.
I think we all know that.
Quite possibly. The female band vibe is obviously crafted deliberately. So Prince put out the brief, & she got the part. That's cool for her as far as I'm concerned, & if "fairness" is a consideration, think of the number of damn good female drummers who don't get a gig because of gender.

Ok, let's put another angle on this. Suppose you put Vinnie in the driving seat, & substitute the other band members for highly skilled male players. Would it sound good? - hell yes. Would it sound the same? - no. Moreover, that show had an energy that actually benefitted from a crude rock edge. The package works, & works well IMO. It's entertainment folks!
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