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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
This is my last weekend with my "baby" before she goes to uni in Singapore - and I've already managed to piss her off :/

Oh well, eh.

A bit sad, if I'm honest.
Don't worry too much about it. She may be your baby, & always will be, but of course, she's not. Once in Singapore, although it's a fantastic place (one of my favourite cities), her thoughts will soon turn to home, & the good stuff always prevails when distances are involved.

My son moved out a few weeks ago, & my daughter moves out in 10 days time. Real empty nest syndrome stuff. Not sure how I'm going to work through it, but work through it I will. In moments when I miss them, of course, I'm thinking of how I feel, not how they feel. I'm sure I'll get over myself.

If we do it right, we attach wings to them, & encourage them to fly. Once that's achieved, all we can do is be there when inevitably the shit hits the fan.
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