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Default Re: Miking Drums; where to start...?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post

You'll need a mixer to start with (or a USB audio interface if you're gonna record into your computer), so get a good one. I'd say find a good used Mackie 1604VLZ - the mic pre-amps are adequate for miking drums, and you get 16 inputs to begin with.

But as far as how many mics to start with? I'd get THREE. One in front of (or inside, if you port) the bass drum, one on your snare, and one overhead.

Get two dynamic mics (like Shure SM58s or SM57s) and one good pencil condenser type mic (like an AKG SE300B).

Others will recommend dedicated drum mics, but it isn't necessary. SM58s are fine. The condenser overhead mic will go up over the center of the kit about two-and-half drumtick lengths up on a boom stand.

You will be surprised at how good three mics sound. If you decide to get one of those dedicated cheap-o drum mic packs, I think you will be disappointed over time. Just start with good solid work-a-day microphones and you'll have made an investment to last for all your career.

Do a YouTube search for guys recording drums with two or three mics. That's your proof that it can be done. Hell, Led Zeppelin recorded the drums in a nice room with three mics, and the entire world loves that sound ;)
that's EXCELLENT advice right there!!!
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