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Default Re: Going to New York - Recommendations anybody? :)

Originally Posted by HMNY View Post
With all due respect to Steve, I would suggest avoiding the more Touristy parts of NYC, if you do go to Steve Maxwells you will see Times Square, but I wouldn't waste time there, It's not real New York.

If you move to the East and West you'll see the more everyday city, were residents eat and live, The subway system is a very efficient way to travel, and is air conditioned, which you really need right now!

Time Out New York, link here:

is a good source of information about live music.

The Guitar Center on 14th street is pretty good, a decent drum section, and helpful staff, have you considered, as you'll have a residential address during your stay, buying from places like Amazon?

I think he's only staying a week,with the week end to do the tourist stuff.Yes,Maxwells is in the Times Square district,but it's a one of a kind drum shot where you can spend hours.

I grew up in NY so me visiting "The Duce" does nothing for me,but as a tourist,it's exciting to see.I got a kick out of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace,St Peters,Piccadilly Circus,the original Hard Rock Cafe and Abbey Road Studios when I was in London.

I would normally send him into the east or west village or to places like Jekyll and Hyde which are interesting

Being that he wanted music stores and live music,I highlighted those areas.

DMACC hooked him up with plenty of jazz venues downtown or uptown.

You could also chack out BB Kings or the Hardrock Cafe which feature live music.

Steve B
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