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Default Re: McCartney and Grohl - Again!

Thanks for posting that Mike.It seems that Sir Paul has lost very little if anything through out the years

In some ways.I think he's even gotten better some how.He seems reenergized with the "new band".And now ,the Nervana connection has also made him step up his already formidable game.

I saw him at Citi Field(the replacement for Shea Stadium) when he played NY.(I was going to say when he came to NY,but he has a summer home in the Hamptons and an apartment in Manhattan)

He was just awesome.This has to be the best band that he's ever put together.The're fearless and tackle once thought " impossible to do live material" and pull it off like it was a walk in the park.

If you've never seen Paul live and love his material,then go and see him live no matter the cost.Age isn't of consequence.I saw small children as well as people older then me(yes they do exist) rocking out to the Beatles music.

It's a visceral expenence.

Steve B
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