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Default Re: any help for a hot, fat guy....

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Most of us in the UK use the Metric system for temperature. Although I use a combination of both systems so I can confuse everyone equally.

US gallons are smaller.
One thing I'm curious about, since I've never driven outside of this country, except Canada. Since your steering wheels are on the right side, which foot do you use for the accelerator (gas pedal)?

Do you think this whole thing with driving on one side or the other dates back to shipping days? I think the port side is the left side of the boat, in which case it would make sense that we should be driving on the left side. I can't really find a logical reason why we drive on the right side, but it sure feels right. We even pass each other on the right when walking on a sidewalk. If you try to pass somebody on the left, they look at you as if you are strange or something. See, there's another school of thought. Passing each other on the right seems less threatening, perhaps?
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