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Default Re: any help for a hot, fat guy....

Petrol is sold in litres but I tend to measure the efficiency of my car in miles per gallon.

My personal preferences are:

Distance - Miles
Measurements - Either, equally accurate at rough work with both, better with Metric for small measurements.
Beer - Pints.
Any other liquid - Metric.
Mass/Weight (yes, I know) - Body mass - Stone, mass for cooking - Metric.
Temperature - Metric.

I suppose we British have a very odd hybrid system. Officially we're metric but distances are still measured in Miles on the roadside.

To be honest, in casual conversation we flit back and forth between them and we seem to manage just fine. I can imagine it's tricky for some that were brought up on Imperial measurements.

With that said, I'd still prefer the Pound Sterling to be undecimalised because I'd imagine that system was fun.
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