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Default Re: Ridiculously huge DW Performance kit

Originally Posted by digibird View Post
I thought Bonham's natural maple kit consisted of 14x26, 9x13, 12x14, 16x16, 16x18, and 18x20. He never used all of these at once, but I liked it best with 14-16-18. I thought the 12x15 came with the stainless steel kit later. I couldn't swear to any of that - I was only 8 in 1969 and not hanging at their show :-) Whatever he played, it was damn good!

Whatcha think in this pic - 12x14 or 12x15? I don't know... ( I have the Ludwig Natural Maples from 1999 in 12x14, 16x16, 16x18, and 16x26 with a matching 8x14 maple snare, so I might be seeing what I want to see cuz I use the 14" tom :-))
I want to believe it's a 12x15 simply because the only 14 tom Ludwig made at the time was a 10x14. And Carmine Appice (THE reason Mr. Bonham got a Ludwig deal {this is me rolling my eyes}) said Bonham got an identical kit that he had because he liked it. So two 14x26 bass drums, single 12x15 rack tom, and the two floor toms. But Jimmy and John Paul Jones stole one bass drum and wouldn't let him use it. Or so the story goes?

In fact, Carmine's drumset that Bonham copied is on display at the Hollywood Guitar Center on Sunset boulevard in the front museum window. I saw that it was clearly a 15 tom. That's what I want to believe anyway. I've been wrong lots of times though ;)
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