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Default Re: Ridiculously huge DW Performance kit

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I think that would've been a 12x15 tom. Back in '69 a 12x14 would've been a special-order item, and didn't really become a standard size until the 1978 catalog when they introduced the power-sized toms and bass drums.

I'd leave your DW kit alone. It looks great. I'd enjoy it that way.
I thought Bonham's natural maple kit consisted of 14x26, 9x13, 12x14, 16x16, 16x18, and 18x20. He never used all of these at once, but I liked it best with 14-16-18. I thought the 12x15 came with the stainless steel kit later. I couldn't swear to any of that - I was only 8 in 1969 and not hanging at their show :-) Whatever he played, it was damn good!

Whatcha think in this pic - 12x14 or 12x15? I don't know... ( I have the Ludwig Natural Maples from 1999 in 12x14, 16x16, 16x18, and 16x26 with a matching 8x14 maple snare, so I might be seeing what I want to see cuz I use the 14" tom :-))
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