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Default Re: JoJo M - Perfect Balance Pedal - How does it play?

Sorry to report that I have just put my Jojo pedal out to pasture.

First pedal : wrong strap, stretched a lot, I think it caused some damage to the hinge ( foot board bottoming out, smashing on rim clamp)- got replacement strap from Sonor.
New strap- ahh...better but now the whole upright was wobbling, yes with everything tightened down correctly. Too much ' play ' in the hinge. Back it went.

Got a replacement pedal....
The replacement pedal's right spike/ spur stripped right out...the spike won't thread at all anymore. The hinge is very hard to move from the folded position to playing position , and it usually took two thumbs pressing very very hard on the hinge button to get it to release.

So I returned it, got my money back 100% and put the money on a deposit for a set of Club Dates. Had more than's clear that the pedal isn't going to hold up. At all.
I really take care of my gear and I'm not hard on stuff. I can hit hard but nothing out of the ordinary for a pedal. I have a 25 year old $50 Yamaha strap drive that's still going strong.
And my Eliminator...played week in, week out for 10 issues.

Being in a playable condition after 6 months and only about 5 gigs ain't asking much for a $300 pedal....
Sonor should be ashamed of this pedal. Not in keeping with their brand.

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