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Default Re: Communication Issues between young and elder, alike!

Originally Posted by Dracovyrn View Post
I didn't use them until I was 14, I can survive without them. My writing skills requires no improvement, I had some of the best writings in my class. It is not that I have work to be done, it is that I have worked on it too much. I have two styles of writing, one is a formal, "work and acquaintances" writing. The other, my informal, "friendly natured" writing. I use the former only when necessary, because I can, better than most my age. The latter is for friendly places (or supposed to be) like this, texting, etc. My question wasn't about me, though. It is because there are some people here that I honestly don't know if they're being playful or not, which can be a problem. I have the ability to effectively convey a message without the use of emoticons. I am doing it now. It's not hard, just longer.
I wasn't trying to single you out but only answer the question. As you said you have a hard time deciphering peoples moods whether or not they are being playful or not. So maybe if they wrote better you wouldn't have this issue.
And disagreeing doesn't make this an unfriendly place!!!
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