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Default Re: Communication Issues between young and elder, alike!

I have never had a problem writing in full text with the necessary punctuation and grammar. It is not I, who people misinterperet, for I have ways, for both young and old, to functionally convey a message with and without use of emoticons. Although, then I just sound like a robot, right? ;) At least, that's how I feel. I don't use text shorthand. I prefer proper grammar and correctly spelled words. I use the occasional "lol," no different then my mom, or my grandma, really, but not much else. Although, what I do use is emoticons. I typed a sarcastic joke here about the perks of traditional grip, and said, "On the other hand, it looks nice. ;)" and the guy thought I was serious. There are obvious perks to traditional that I understand, like the wider range of sounds from the easily accessible range of possible angled attacks. Some folk just don't understand my humor. It would seem very insulting to someone to have to type out, "On the other hand, it looks nice. -sarcastically" I would rather not have to spoon feed those who don't understand my crude and sometimes 'dark' humour.
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