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Default Re: Communication Issues between young and elder, alike!

Originally Posted by Jonny Sumo View Post
I am so pleased Magenta, I also notice that I am elevated from :) to a :D awesome!
I felt it was the very least you deserved, in the circumstances.

Originally Posted by Jonny Sumo View Post
I do have a small issue however; the young man who started this thread seemed to cause some 'offence' in another thread. I am sure that is not his intention, he sems a genuine young man (why do I need to mention his age? Is that even relevant?)

My point is; he mentions in the thread title 'elder', he implies that it is age that causes these 'communication breakdowns' (yes, I am a Zep man) and I must disagree for all the reasons that you and I have agreed upon and that others have stated - what he needs to acknowledge is experience, not age.
I reckon there definitely is a different culture between the young, from that which exists between the less young. But just as we British have to find a way of expressing ourselves in a way that will be understood by our international DW contingent - which does not mean spelling things differently, or using different words (although it can be helpful to provide translations into American sometimes!), but rather ensuring that our meaning is clear - I can't see why a younger person, especially a literate, articulate one, should have too much difficulty expressing him/herself in a way that can be understood by all other members.

Younger people may be more likely to be very informal and to use emoticons as a form of shorthand. But while this is a friendly and welcoming forum, there is an issue relating to appropriateness. I don't think it is appropriate to speak to what are, essentially, strangers in an overly informal way, and as you say, Jonny, miles on the clock are worthy of recognition, if not necessarily agreement.

If today's contributions are typical, my man, I'm glad you came back! You've had me laffing out loud today!
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