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Default Re: Communication Issues between young and elder, alike!

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post

You are brightening up my day, sir! :D
I am so pleased Magenta, I also notice that I am elevated from :) to a :D awesome!

I do have a small issue however; the young man who started this thread seemed to cause some 'offence' in another thread. I am sure that is not his intention, he sems a genuine young man (why do I need to mention his age? Is that even relevant?)

My point is; he mentions in the thread title 'elder', he implies that it is age that causes these 'communication breakdowns' (yes, I am a Zep man) and I must disagree for all the reasons that you and I have agreed upon and that others have stated - what he needs to acknowledge is experience, not age.

I spent 3 very happy years on DW before 'retiring ' myself after a number of forum issues with another, happened to be younger male, member. He was opinionated and impassioned, and quite rightly so, during a discussion about what gigs one would take for money and he was in a position where he lived with his parents etc I took exception as I had done various things in my life to just support my family, not in a musical way, and felt his opinion was less relevant.

Anyway, I now feel a little more vindicated over those exchanges as, I remember very clearly, that young man describing WFD as 'a circus which no self respecting drummer would involve themselves in' (a direct quote); I now read on here that the same young man has been a recent winner at WFD....experience of life and music and relationships, not age.

I was a little ostracised from DW as a result of these 'exchanges' and never came back...I hoped things had improved, and I think they have...but we must all be respectful, polite and empathatic..peace, sorry for ranting..J
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