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Default Re: Communication Issues between young and elder, alike!

Originally Posted by Jonny Sumo View Post
I think sometimes people choose to misinterpret what we are trying to say; either by the spoken or written word.

The responsibility then is to ensure that you have acted innocently and appropriately yourself

A little empathy goes a long way....there shouldn't be a 'generation gap' on here really, we are all interested in the same thing
I agree with you entirely. As I said before, I feel that the writer has an obligation to be clear, but I also think that the reader should adopt a default position of believing that no offence was intended, resulting (I hope) in that empathy you describe.

Originally Posted by Jonny Sumo View Post
is that how to spell misspellings? :)......Jonny Sumo; making new friends with his dubious communication skills...
You are brightening up my day, sir! :D
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