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Default Re: Communication Issues between young and elder, alike!

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I think an easier method of communicating would be to use proper grammar, Capitalize the names of songs, albums, singers names, books. I have yet to see an emoticon in the dictionary that is my guide to proper spelling and grammar. Probably why smilies and such are not supposed to be used on this forum I think if you have to use one of these, 8+) at the end of every sentence to suggest a joke or sarcasm then your writing skills need improvement. 8+)
Absolutely this...this might be edging on a stereotype but often they can be accompanied by poor grammar and syntax and a limited vocabulary....and, oh yeah, misspellings! English( or any language for that matter) is a far less limited way of expressing yourself than emoticons.....
Practice smarter. Not harder.
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