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Default Communication Issues between young and elder, alike!

Alright, so I have come across this problem a few times whilst posting here on the forum, and wanted to shed some light on the subject. As a young man, my form of communication differs from that of older folk. The difference can be an issue, especially when the other person might not comprehend what you're saying and misconstrue the entire meaning of it. As a young person, we have made a commonly understood way of accurately conveying the meaning of messages by using simple, yet effective devices called "Emoticons." Now, I understand that not everyone here is from the stone age. ;) You all know what they are. But do you truly understand them? Do you know how to correctly and accurately use them? Or do you refuse to use them, because it diminishes your sense of "Professionality?" Does it really matter when someone is hurt by what you say, even if you didn't mean it at all? Just some thoughts to help people come to understand each other better. ;)
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