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Originally Posted by Knevildrummer
Someone with this much credibility in the industry doesn't need me to stick up for him....
Maybe not but I'm very glad you did. You see, this is the great thing about this site: I can come on here and post something about a guy I know very little of, just my gut feelings from what I've seen. Some people will get annoyed, others, like you, will calmly explain why I should look again. This benefits not only me, but any others who may have felt the same way as me (like, "Who the hell is Dom Famularo?!") and are silently following this thread. This is why I think critical posts should remain and not be deleted, because there are a lot of smart people here who can disagree calmly and, in the process, educate their fellow drummers. It's funny, but I could have sworn my posts had been deleted the day after I wrote them, and now they're back....people power?
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