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The thing with Dom that I most respect is that he chose this path (clinician, educator) many years ago and has kept true to his vision. How many people do you know (drummers and non-drummers alike) who are doing what they love and getting paid for it? Probably extremely few.

Many drummers in the US haven't heard of him simply because he tends to do international tours. (Also many drummers are woefully uneducated about the history of drumset and drummers.) He has opened many countries to drum clinics, from China to former Warsaw Pact nations. That's why he's the "ambassador". He started as a clinician back in the day when he was the Director of Education for Tama. That's where this direction started. He found that he loved teaching.

Until this last generation of double pedal players came up (Lang, Donati) he was probably the best double pedal player anywhere. His feet are entirely under control (and astonishingly fast and smooth).

Ask any pro drummer from Chapin to Gadd to Donati (3 generations) and they will all sing Dom's praises. Geez, Jim Chapin even wrote a song entitled "Dom". Steve Gadd has gone on record as saying that Dom is the authority on drumset technique. Virgil endorses his book and considers him to be the best drumset teacher going. I could go on and on...

Someone with this much credibility in the industry doesn't need me to stick up for him but
I had to chime in on his behalf. I consider Dom a friend as well as a teacher and the fact is that he has directly changed my drumming (and my life) for the better.
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