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Default Re: Evans G2 Clear v.s Evans EC2 SST Clear

Originally Posted by EvansSpecialist View Post
We use the same film combination for the G2 and the EC2S. The only difference is the SST ink rings on the bottom side of the the EC2S, which attenuate higher frequencies in order to provide a more focused (often referred to as pre-EQ'd) sound. Since the higher frequencies are reduced, and "attack" often comes from upper mid/high frequencies, I can understand where the EC2S may have a less perceived attack. When tuned lower (as many people do with the EC2S), the attack is often perceived as greater (described as a "punchier" sound).
Yes, this mirrors my experience, and helps explain why I perceive less attack, or a smoother overall sound. I tune fairly tight. If I liked to tune low, perhaps the EC2 would be better suited.

That's why there are different heads available, eh? Thanks for the info.
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