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Default Re: Hannah Ford and Prince

Hey people can give their thoughts about her, I have no problem with that, then I can give mine, as well as give my opinion about said comments. Also how do you come to the conclusion that my post above was from being in a bad mood or that I see myself as a "god" lol? Maybe it's the tone of voice in your OWN head that makes you think that. IMO the comments about her from those that see nothing but a pair of "ta tas" and "average" skills are the ones who would come across as having a "god" like attitude.

Just sick of seeing hate or haters spewing their bs all the time whether it's Hanna, Lars or anything else. Wouldn't you agree?

Though tbh what good does it do me to sit here and defend her or anyone else for that matter? Not like shes going to come here to say thanks, or at the very least know about it or even give a damn. So yeah you're right. **** it. Seems evil is over riding good these days so my efforts to go against it and stand up for what's right or good just gets lost in the shadow of it all.

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