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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
Hey you want to hear something really cool Tama?

If you don't want to play free shows you can chose not to do free shows WOAHHHH HOLY SHIT WHO WOULD GUESSED OMG WHAT IS THIS?

there are benefits to playing free shows when you're a small band, it's free advertisement, it's a win for the venue and it's a win for you, if you don't want to do it, you can just chose not to do it.

Big bands don't do things for free (no shit...) because that doesn't benefit them in any way.

I don't even know what you're trying to say, if you don't want to play shows for free, don't do them, it's that simple good luck finding a venue willing to pay you top dollar with no show experience.
If you actually think playing even one note for free to get "exposure" is actually a good idea,then you've gone down the rabbit hole.

One of the great lies.There really is a Santa Clause,the Easter bunny,the flying spaghetti monster....and the check's in the mail.

How is it a win to play for nothing,unless it's a charity event or just a couple of guys jamming in a basement.

How is it "free" advertisement,when you paid for your instruments,years of practice, gas,transportation,meals,and possibly lodgeing,so some venue owner who places NO value on you,your music,your band or your talent or your "artistry"...translate to a "win"?For the venue maybe,but for you?LOL

If that's winning then,lots of us who actually get paid, are losers,but gladly so..I'll take that over the "win" anyday.

There are people like you getting taken on the streets of NY City playing 3 card montey...every day there tourist.

Your right,I don't do free gigs ,unless it's for a charitable cause,and NOT for some cheap ass club owner who's making money.....on YOUR dime.

There is NO,repeat ,NO benefit to doing free shows,except to air out your own ego,or maybe to have fun at funs expence.

Nobody is looking for "TOP" dollar,just honest and fair money, for an honest performance.

Man,have I got some beach front property in Arizona to sell

Steve B
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