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Default Re: Kick tower, hit hat, compatible with octapad?

I first got into Electronic Drums 3 years ago with the SPD 30. It didn't take long before I built a mini kit with a KD9 kick, PD85 snare, CY8 ride/crash and CY5 hh(eventuallyVH11). I love that kit and played it out at a few very small venue gigs(Im an acoustic drummer). The gigs went great. Be prepared to explain over and over again just what the hell you're playing on. But the reviews were great.

the kd9 is the best cheap kick pad out there IMO. you can get it off ebay for like $100 or so.
the cy5/fd8 combo is way cheaper than the vh11 but I really like the vh 11.
you can get anything for a snare. even a PD8 would work fine.
you can probably get a better ride cymbal than the cy8. I don't care for that but it does do the trick.

I now have a TD15 but the octapad is part of that kit.
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