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Default Re: Hannah Ford and Prince

The comments made toward Hanna whether here, on Youtube or else where by low IQ, meathead neanderthals disgusts me and further makes me embarrassed to be a drumming fan, hobbyist and/or enthusiast. Sometimes I wish I never bothered to discover "the drumming community" considering the type of attitudes I've seen over the past couple years.

Also to the previous comment about going "from YT to Prince" is ridiculous and I hope it's just weak trolling skills that's being shown. If you bothered to look up more videos of her, besides the ones you're possibly trying to fap to, you would see she has put in her dues and is quite the talent. IMO her being incredibly beautiful is just a plus to her drumming, not the other way around and here is a video to prove it. If you actually watch the whole thing you'll see she can do more than play 4/4 and smile. I am humbled by her playing and besides that is smart, beautiful, personable and good hearted.

TLDR? And to nobody in particular, get the **** over yourselves. Woman or especially man, it takes a man to admit a woman can do things better and I'd be willing to bet she would BURY quite a few who run their mouths just to look cool or tough when in fact it's just those trying to make up for their lack of talent, if any at all.

Watch it, don't watch it, what ever.
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