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Default Re: A question about heads...

Originally Posted by EvansSpecialist View Post
I don't believe I've ever pushed Evans products on anyone here. I'm very careful about offering assistance- not being a billboard and I believe many people on this forum would back me up on that. I'm here to offer support to drummers and answer any questions possible. I've yet to see a representative from any other drumhead company offer that here.
Certainly agreed. EvansSpecialist is a valuable member of this forum, though I have had my disagreements with Evans in the past- he's certainly not in it only for advertising.

Anyways, I think the statements about what thickness offers the most resonance is somewhat disregarding the force applied. As has been hinted at, a thicker head offers generally more resonance, but requires more force to 'activate'- whereas a thinner head at a lower volume will generally open up easier and offer a better quality of tone at that volume as well. I already recommend coated heads, but the suggestion of punching your own holes might also work.

You could also check out KickPort's new FX Series, which are 1" and 2" ports designed for use with both toms and bass drums. I'd get some of those sooner than later... can't see them being very popular.
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