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Default Re: A question about heads...

Originally Posted by oddtime74 View Post
Also sorry to lol but I have to say that Specialist isn't really a "specialist" if he's giving that kind of info. I'm just an average Joe who knows better and tbh it's really common sense when you think about it. Seems to me that guy is just here to push their products onto people. Another reason I'm glad I went back to Remo.
I certainly appreciate your opinion, though through my experience with our heads and based on the description given in the OP, I would stand by my recommendation for a thicker reso for a darker tone (created by the overtone control ring on the Genera Dry). Given some experimenting in tuning between batter and reso, you can achieve a VERY short sustain with a thicker head. All I can offer up is my experiences and knowledge. While a thicker single-ply of material will resonate for a longer period of time if tuned the same as a thinner single-ply, it will require more force to put it in motion.

At the end of the day, a lot of this comes down to tuning variables. There are lots of ways to attain a variety of sounds from the same head configuration. When it comes to creating certain sounds, methods are definitely subjective. Though I'll always try to offer my reasoning for why I would make a given recommendation.

I don't believe I've ever pushed Evans products on anyone here. I'm very careful about offering assistance- not being a billboard and I believe many people on this forum would back me up on that. I'm here to offer support to drummers and answer any questions possible. I've yet to see a representative from any other drumhead company offer that here.
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