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Default Re: Need some P.A. advice, mostly for play-along.

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Buying a small PA to play music through is one thing. The moment you say you want to be able to mic the kit up and pump it through the system is another.
I couldn't agree more. If you're looking to put drums through the PA for future public performances, that's when it gets expensive. Buying quality not quantity always pays in the end. The problem with putting drums through a PA, is that you need a good clean bottom end that can move air, & that's the expensive bit. Not only that, but a quality mixer is an essential element too. You can buy nice mic's, powerful speakers/amps/combo active units, etc, but use a budget mixer, & it's mostly for nothing.

If you can return here with exactly what you expect the PA to do when you're putting your drums through it, & your expectations in terms of sound quality, audience/venue size etc, then we can get specific :)
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