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Default Re: Two-ply reso heads?

I use two-ply resos. Either I have G2's top and bottom, or Emperors top and bottom. And my kit sounds great (it's a six-ply Ludwig maple from 1979-80). In fact, just this past week I put black dots on top and left the resos in place. So I have single-ply with a dot on top and 2-ply on the bottoms, and they still sound pretty good.

I admit, I do have drums that do NOT sound good with thick 2-ply heads, so maybe your situation is true, but I would think what you have would be fine with anything. My 1978 Slingerlands might be a bit out-of-round, meaning I have to tension a bit higher to get past that, so they won't tune low. But they sing with single ply heads and go dead with 2-ply heads.
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