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I got tickets to a Braves game! The Atlanta Braves vs the Colorado Rockies. For years now my wife has wanted me to take her to a baseball game. Being British, she's never been to one, but she's watched enough baseball on the TV with me to the point that she has an interest in the game.

It's hard to find seats next to each other along the first base line, which is where I always used to like to sit, but I happened across two seats on the aisle, near the dugout, not too far from home base. I looked up the actual view and it's pretty damn good!

I haven't been to a ball game in literally decades, so I'm excited too, but the real fun is going to be watching my British wife experience an American baseball game for the very first time.

Don't ask how much it cost. I'm doing my best to not think about it.
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