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Default Re: Pearl Forum Head Suggestions

It's kind of hard to say as I don't know how thick the shells are or how resonant they are. Like with my PDP X7 they are thin shells so going too thick will just make them extremely dead no matter the tension on the heads. That said here is a general setup you can try....

For tom batters and if you like your batter heads tight for faster stick rebound go with Remo Pintripes or maybe Vintage Emperors and possibly coated. If you can deal with them being a little loose go with Emperor Clear. I don't mention coated Pinstripes because that might be too dead. I'd also go with a controlled sound X snare batter.

For tom resos I say go Diplomat. Not Diplomat snare side which you can get for your snare if you want, just the standard Diplomat. Nice resonant tone but will have quick decay for death metal. If you go too thick on the batter AND reso you may just choke out the drum.

For bass drum batter Aquarian Super Kick 1 or 2 and then stock reso for now.
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