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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
They're your examples? Bands that managed to gain their fair share of income under the so called "old regime" are your examples of those cutting a pioneering path? Really?
Not pioneers, I chose them because they worked under the label system and absolutely abhorred it, yet, despite their terrible experiences with record company's and the "good old ways" of doing things, they continued making music because they loved music.

That's all I was trying to say there.

Edit:King Crimson in particular definitely did not get their fair share of income from their works. Just as a side note.[/quote]

Yes and they also made MONEY doing it.Ask any one of those guys if they would have recorded music,and toured for free.

Danny Carey is one of the highest paid drummers on the planet.

Ask Robert Fripp if he tours or does studio work or speaking engagements for free.

Music is a business,and many that don't want to play the game,have their CD's wind up in Rite Aid Pharmacy's 2 for 1 discount rack.

Listen to the Eagles Rock and roll hall of fame induction ceramony when Don Henly thanks their manager Irvin Azoff for being their "satan".

Talk to Jimmy page about how Peter Grant put the low paying or NO pay gigs to an end for Zepplin."If you wanted Zepplin to play,you pay for them to play."

You can dream about the free music thing and playing for free as a good thing,but that notion is naive.Do you think " I Tunes" dosen't make a boat load of cash.

There are plenty of people out there making money from the labors of the artists who create it,and have those artists convinced that ,that's the way it should be.From small venue owners to arena's to record company,lawyers.promoters and managers.

If you think playing for free or giving away your intellectual property is making it in the BUSINESS,then your more naive than you think.

Just how it it that you expect to pay the bills,rent/mortgage,car,gas,insurance(multiple types,foor,health insurance,doctor visits,hospital stays,pension,education,musical instruments,...and music.

Walk into K Mart and try to walk out with a "free " CD and see what happens.

Steve B

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