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Default Re: Two-ply reso heads?

Right now I'm using a two-ply on the bottom of one of my 16" floor toms, but it isn't a trick I'd try on smaller toms, for the reasons you're finding out; it can make toms sound choked and lifeless. You could try a few different tuning combinations (significantly higher OR lower could give you a usable sound) but in the end I think you'll be happier with a one-ply head on the bottom.

I think the reason most people use a one-ply head on the bottom is it works well. I'd take off the G2's from the bottom and keep them for a spare set of batter heads and put a one-ply one the bottom. I think both the EC Resonant and the G12 make great bottom heads if you want a little control while keeping an open tone.
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