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Default Two-ply reso heads?

I recently changed all of the heads, top and bottom, on my Yamaha Beech Custom kit. I'd played them for years with coated G2s and the factory resos, and had to do a little research before choosing reso heads. I decided on buying G2 clears for top and bottom. I'd read that, while conventional wisdom says to use one-ply resos, using two-ply could help eliminate overtones and negate the need for any other muffling (moon gels, rings, etc.).

Since putting these new heads on, they've been dead. I've gotten decent tone out of 14" and 16" toms, but nothing like before. The 10" and 12" have been giving me fits. Even when I get the tone of the drum near-right, it's still choked out and flat sounding. I have never before had a problem getting these drums to sound good. Back when I traveled with a band, they spent most of their time in a trailer and I rarely had to do any significant re-tuning when setting up.

So, before I spend the money to go back to one-ply resos and coated G2s, is there anything specific I should try? Does anyone else successfully use two-ply resos?
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