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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

Steve B[/quote]

Guess you're right, well I guess I'm just going to give up on pursuing music as a career even though countless people make a career out of it.

anyone can get music for free, does that suck? Maybe yes, maybe no.

In your opinion, it's clearly the worse thing ever, which is fine, but you also don't have an answer to the problem, others out there, are making money off of their music and it sure as hell isn't because they're whining about how music is distributed.

So even in your view, that free music is the worse thing ever to hit the music industry, guess what? It's not going to go away, ever, either adapt or be left behind.

Personally I'm glad that people who actually would quit playing music because of the current state of the industry have quit, because the bands that make sincere music, and genuinely love music, power through whatever bullshit is in the industry, just look at King Crimson and Tool for example.
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