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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
Well to be fair, I could be wrong.

I think the challenge of modern musicians will have to be to make people feel privileged to have access to free music, not that they are entitled to it, which of course is going to be quite a hurdle to overcome.

I absolutely think that musicians need to embrace free music though, because it's not going to stop. You can either make the best out of it as you can, or you can ignore it.

A question of whether it is moral or immoral to pirate music is another topic entirely,imo.
Then plummers should embrace the idea of fixing a broken pipe at 3 am on a Sunday in the dead of winter.........for free.

How about our Larry having to go out and fix a shorted out electrical panel box just for kicks.

How about a highly skilled neuro surgeon being expected to perforn brain surgery for free,after some of these doctors are reguarded as artists in their craft.

Just because what someone does for a living is as much art as it is skill or science,dosen't take it off the pay me scale.

My drums cost money.Lessons,time put into practice(time is MONEY period),maintain your instrument.Transportation payments,food,lodging..

For every indie band scraping out a living,there are 100 or more that fall into the play for free,and you'll get exposure line of crap from venue owners.THAT kills it for the next band,and the next band.............

I started getting paid when I was (1969) 15 or 16.School dances,block/birthday parties,what ever we could manage.Typical pay was 25-35 per man a night .

Some guys don't get that NOW.

No ,musicians should NOT get used to the free music thing.The concept of music being a combination of both art and skill has long been established.

And musicians have also LONG been getting paid to perform it.

Screw that free music.Screw the sensitive artist routine.Plenty of sensitive artists starved to death for their art instead of insisting they get paid to perform and not having good management or business sense.Venue owners screwing musicians out of money in NOTHING new .

Just ask the Eagles,Zepplin,Billy Joel,John Fogery and countless other "artists" who were screwed out of millions for not paying attention to the BUSINESS side of the music BUSINESS

Next time you go to a doctor or a lawyer,try to sell that free crap and that all of their servises should be pro bono.

The sooner you learn that music is a business where everybody else gets paid ,the sooner you'll learn not to play for free, then ask to get screwed,and get PAID instead..

Fun is one thing.Doing it for a living and business is something else.

Steve B

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