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Default Re: Evans G2 Clear v.s Evans EC2 SST Clear

Originally Posted by AirborneSFC View Post
I have played G1's live (and Ambassadors) and while they sound good the durability for me is just not there. I might get two gigs out of them. I recently used a G1 coated on my snare for a 2 hour set and afterward it was fairly beat up.

Not getting into the weeds just give you my .02. I have also noticed a noted increase in tone and clarity with the level 360 heads vs. the older Evans heads.

What I used to do is buy a couple of different heads for my 12" tom and see what I liked the best.
lol! I know exactly what you mean Airborne. I really want to go Amb over Amb on the toms of my X7 kit but I tend to get quite emotional with my playing and after a half dozen songs and just playing around they will be ready to be changed. These toms sing so beautifully with single ply clear heads on them. The stock heads that came with the X7 made them sound like high quality tenor drums when going from the 8" down to the 16".

Also yes my "examples" are not to be taken as final for those situations. Obviously like ID said it's what people like but in general those combos should be applied for those type of results. Like for instance when you get someone asking "how do I get that sound of said drummers drums on that CD I heard" well you either have to mic it and EQ or try and manually EQ them. Yes they may sound like cardboard to those from far away or sound bad up close but behind the kit they will be focused and similar to what you would get with a recording. Unless of course you want open and lively for jazz or something of that genre.

EDIT: Also yes that is a great way to test before you commit to a type of head. I'm thinking of buying the Drumdial or Tunebot and getting an Amb Clear, Emp Clear and Coated, Vintage Emp Clear and Coated and a Pinstripe to put over my "still new" Amb reso on my 10 or 12 and do a good test to see what I like the best. So far the middle ground seems to be clear Emperors but I'm a bit bored with that sound.

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