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Default Re: Evans G2 Clear v.s Evans EC2 SST Clear

Originally Posted by oddtime74 View Post
Yes I know they are the same thickness which is why I find it hard to believe there would be less attack.

I wonder if Evans uses a different type of mylar for each of their drum heads. Maybe the EC2 is less "plastic" like compared to the G2? The general rule of thumb is the harder the surface the more you hear the strike of an object against it. So it would stand to reason that attack refers to the stick hitting the head and with both being 14 mil (two ply) I'm lead to wonder just how much less attack there is between the EC2 and G2.

What's your take on attack lol? :)
I think the ink rings reduce some of the frequencies associated with attack.

CLARIFICATION - what I meant by "dampening" is something that reduces the sustain of the head, ie zero rings, lots of tape, pillows, etc. The ink rings on EC2 SST heads don't really seem to do that much - they just change the frequency characteristics of the head. I BELIEVE that is exactly what they are intended to do.

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