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Default Re: Evans G2 Clear v.s Evans EC2 SST Clear

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
I find the EC2s provide a bit rounder note with less attack. I would not necessarily think of them as pre-dampened, exactly, but the ink rings do smooth the sound out a little bit. I am currently using them on my kit but will likely not use them again because I want a livelier sound with more bite.

Speaking for myself, I would not put rings on either the G2 or EC2. Properly tuned, those overtones are part of what keep the drum from sounding like cardboard to the audience. Tastes vary, though.

Short answer to your question - I'd go with G2s.
Attack is the stick hitting the drum head. The thicker the head, the more you hear the tip and/or strike of the drum head.

As for further muffling on pre muffled heads. Well like you say it's what people like and/or what the situation calls for. For a quick example, if you want an EQ'd sound while sitting behind the kit with no mics you would put the drums in a small room, make the snare as dry as possible, stuff a nice pillow in the bass drum for a 50/50 resonant thump, use Pinstripes or EC2's possibly with a piece of moongel on the toms of your choice to control the sustain and/or overtones and wala. It would also help to wear ear muffs as they add an "EQ'd" sound as well.

To get a true sound and to control what you want to hear or what you want the audience to hear would be Ambassador over Ambassador toms, no pillow in the bass drum and then Ambassador over Diplomat snare side on the snare and then the sound guy can do what he wants to make it sound the best.

Further muting of a two ply pre or non muted head is fine but it may not sound good to others if they are around the area.
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