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Default I love sweet new hardware.

I love it even better when it's cheap! Typically I try to buy all my gear used, but I've been struggling to find just what I wanted on the used market. What I was looking for was a couple of the lightweight single-braced Yamaha straight cymbal stands. Yamaha discontinued them a couple years ago and the used market was the only place. Well, I thought I had scored when I found a pair of single-braced straight Yamaha stands in the used section of the Guitar Center Dallas, TX store. They arrived last week and I was most disappointed to find that they were very heavy, like heavier than even my 700-series boom stands. So, back to the store they went along with a boom arm that I had purchased thinking it was a short one based on the pic and it was simply the top half of a boom stand that someone had removed from the base, and beyond that it was pretty beat up. All of that gave me just over $100 in store credit and as much as it pained me to do so, I ordered two brand new Yamaha CS650A straight lightweight, single-braced cymbal stands...apparently Yamaha re-released these and let me tell you, they are as sweet as can be for gigging hardware. Everything you need, nothing you don't and they collapse nice and short.

The redeeming icing on the cake for GC was that I found a brand new Pearl S-830 snare drum stand on their used site for $4.99. Not sure what they were thinking on that one, but yay for me! This is a really nice snare stand and despite it being double braced, it's still pretty lightweight.

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