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Default Comparison and Review is up on Youtube:

Here is a 10min video of me playing most of the Boso bamboo models compared to some usual and not so usual hickory and laminated birch wood models. I found the results to be very interesting!

The reason I put this up is because, a) I had a ton of video footage, and b) I was really dissatisfied with the Modern Drummer Magazine and website review.

The MD review offered little to no insight to how they sound, and or feel. They only focused on the materials used, models and their weight. Bamboo has an interesting timbre, and very "whiplike" feel that takes some time to get used to. There are a lot of pros and cons. All in all, I think Bamboo has a lot of potential as an alternative to wood, or even replacement to wood.

Attached to the video in the description is a link .pdf file "review" I made. This was supposed to be a script for me to read on camera, but I kept on botching the video and it would of taken too long for me to film, edit, and post. So that's that.

By all means, I am sure I am not a professional writer so there might be some grammar errors in the pdf. I hope this will help some or all of you, especially those who are still trying to the right stick for them!


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