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Default Re: Has anybody used the new Gibraltar 'G-Class'?

Originally Posted by Cuttlefish View Post
It's not as smooth a pedal as a DW 9000 or a Tama Speed Cobra (the other pedal I looked at closely) but I tend to gravitate toward pedals that aren't as smooth because I'm primarily a heel down player and don't need all that smoothness to get the articulation I want. In fact, most super smooth pedals feel weird under my foot. But, I will say that the G-Class has a smoother feel than a DW 5000 and it's much better than any other Gibraltar I've tried. The weights in the beater are nice too. I had a Mapex Falcon and used the weights for practice purposes. The Falcon is also a nice pedal BTW.
Smoother than a 5000?? I'll definitely have to check them out
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