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Default Re: DW "Hardcore" bass drum beater... Opinions?

I had one of those beaters on my DW 5000 pedal. It is very light, but that comes with some volume loss. I had to move the weight all the way up to the beater head to get the most comfortable feel and volume out of it. The foam isn't great quality. You have to be careful how you pack them up for transport. I just put my kick pedal in my hardware case, and didn't take the beater off, and now the corner of the foam is permanently dented. After that, I started taking the beater off and putting it in my stick bag.

Overall, it was pretty good. Made my playing a little faster, but I ended up switching back to my stock DW beater. It gave me too much click and not enough thud, and there wasn't enough weight to it to get the volume I want. The hard felt seems to be the sweet spot for me.
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