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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
Couldn't disagree more, with music being free it allows the average person to enjoy a much broader range of music; which will make it more likely for that person to find music they enjoy and become passionate about, and people will always pay artists that they are passionate about.

Two different views from two different era's I guess..
People will not pay for something they can get for free, especially if the lack of a price tag is condoned. For heaven's sake, more people steal their music now (mp3s) than pay for it! I think it is totally naive to think people will pay.

It's great that people have a low-cost way to make and disseminate music, but it is an illusion that this makes music FREE. There is a huge investment of time and talent, not to mention equipment if you play certain instruments. The idea that anybody who has something to say, musically, will say it whether there is financial reward or not, is mistaken. You'll never know how many people will never take up an instrument because it is just another expensive hobby with little chance of even paying for itself. Some of the best musicians I've ever known have quit because they needed to spend their time making a living rather than indulging in a hobby. Only people with a surplus of time and $ will bother to make music. The people who will truly starve for their art are few and far between.
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