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Default Re: 7 years of hard work - finished! :)

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
When I was in the UK in 2000,the scout group I was with stayed in a scout camp called Fazels Woods(I'm not sure about the spelling) which was about 2 hours or so out of London

I got to see first hand just how beautiful the English country side is and how cool the "pub" life is.Beautiful pubs,friendly people and just a wonderful family like atmosphere.

Steve B
You should visit my local. You'd see the other side to pub culture then!

There are three kinds of pubs, really. There are the nice village pubs (that are lovely you can often while away an afternoon watching Cricket close by. In fact one I know backs onto the Cricket field). Then there are the 'rough' pubs, usually in post-industrial towns like mine where you might see a few fights, men without shirts and scary-looking bouncers. Then there's the other sort, which are frequented by those that are underage and usually have live music.

The third is where I grew up. Then they started enforcing the licensing laws which ruined everybody's fun (except mine, I had a beard by then) and I still go occasionally because it's open until six in the morning. Last time I went, I saw the sun set and then the sun rise.
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