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Default Re: Hyper-realistic art

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
I had to run that through Babelfish and I'm still none the wiser.

Are you sure you haven't already been down the pub?
I hadn't at that point and seeing as I had to drive (and was thinking we were just going to the local) I still haven't. That's just how I talk about art - apologies to everybody - be you never had to read any of my degree essays on Postmodernism because I never understood them reading them back either (although they made perfect sense at the time...)

Really annoyed because a piece of trim fell off my car on the motorway. It just adds to the number of small jobs my car needs - all of which drive my anally retentive side berserk. I've just bought the part and I'll be fitting it soon.

Maybe I should save the last part for the 'Random Thoughts' thread but I'm really annoyed about it!
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