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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

I think Joe Walsh is totally whining about the money part. I agree completely with his points about the human/artistic side.

The new era has important strong points:
-- more opportunity than ever for new artists because technology has made them able to access recording easier. What artists decide to do with the technology is up to them artistically, and varies
---record companies having to actually do something, and not get filthy rich
---artists actually show themselves and go out and play to make money
----artists making less but ultimately being more in control of their art and product

On the Production side - bad things
---autotune, technology, machines and 'unorganic' sounding music.

People will tire, or are tiring of the processed recorded pablum we are being fed.
There could soon be a niche market for live 'off the floor' recorded music. It will distinguish itself from all the processed stuff by being just that - live, organic, imperfect, just like Robert Johnson's hotel room recordings. People might then be interested in it because its 'different' from todays pablum. Fashion runs full circle. Just like organic food, it simply awaits the right times and market.
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