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Default Re: Dave Weckl

Ok, recently I atended Dave Weckl band's concert and Dave's clinics, so here is my review

Clinics were a bit booring :)) Mostly because I own all his videos and I have seen all that over and over. He showed his techniques, the Moeller motion, free stroke etc, played some variations of grooves, showed some polyrhitms and 4 limb independence.

The cocert was just great, I never really get into his stuuf, but I enjoyed every second (and I also was bored a bit :D Ya know, his fusion stuff sometimes isn't to exciting) but hey, there were times when Dave and his band really get some tremendous grooves and solos - Tom Kennedy was just WOW, he played one really insane bass solo!, Gary Meek - just excelent! So enjoyable, Steve Weingart - actually I never liked his sound but he was great, no doubt!

my new d'n'b set-up!
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